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Scientific communication does not end with publishing and presenting. A career path in c/t science requires researchers to engage in effective writing and communication about both their research and careers. From navigating job interviews and crafting your CV, to leveraging social media and growing your network, clear communication can accelerate your professional milestones. Explore the resources below for strategies to grow professionally in your career.

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Effectively Communicating Research

A two-day intensive course designed to provide fellows and junior faculty with the skills necessary to express their science clearly to diverse audiences. Course content covers preparing abstracts, manuscripts, and posters, and learning to speak effectively

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Leadership Strategies for the Researcher

A two-day course focusing on best practices in leading and managing a team and navigating a career path in research

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Career Catalyst

A strategic, one-year program that matches junior investigators with senior faculty who serve as developmental mentors

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Networking and Career Development

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Representing Yourself