• Skillful Science Communication Promotes Successful Careers

  • Skillful Science Communication Promotes Successful Careers

  • Skillful Science Communication Promotes Successful Careers



Clear and engaged communication propels research further and faster, and fosters professional growth.  Harvard Catalyst’s Writing and Communication Center is a comprehensive collection of tools, trainings, and resources that empower clinical/translational investigators in any stage of their careers to better articulate their science.

Explore the categories of resources below to find talks by experts, downloadable templates and worksheets, online and in-person training opportunities, and articles and book recommendations. New content is in development and regularly updated; check back for more. 


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Deliver Authentically, Writing Effectively, Visualizing Science, Getting Funded, and Growing Professionally are interconnected topics Get Funded Grow Professionally Write Effectively Visualize Science DeliverAuthentically

Get Funded →

Discover ways to employ tools of the trade to maximize your chances of success.  Learn to navigate the proposal and writing process across a variety of funding mechanisms. 

Deliver Authentically→

Articulate the narrative of your science by delivering authentically to a diversity of audiences—from colleagues, to journalists, to funders, to the general public.

Visualize Science →

Maximize your audience’s understanding by effectively visualizing science on posters, slides, grant applications, and manuscripts. 

Write Effectively →

Create effective written communication for a variety of mediums and audiences, using manuscripts, chapters, and regulatory documents.

Grow Professionally →

Communicate effectively about yourself and your research in interviews, CVs, and networking opportunities to grow professionally.

Featured Announcement

Techniques to Writing a Competitive Grant

Session dates: February 23 – April 20, 2022

This online course is designed to provide an overview of the requisite skills and comprehensive considerations needed to give participants an in-depth introduction to the grant writing process. Participants in this course will learn grant writing strategies firsthand from researchers who have successfully applied for funding from a variety of sources. Apply by February 9, 2022.

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How to Design a Clinical Trial: Principles & Protocol Development

This course is an opportunity for new clinical investigators who have an idea for a clinical trial to learn the fundamentals of clinical trial design. Applications close March 7, 2022.

New Resource: Creating a Good Research Question

In the fall and winter of 2020, Naomi Fisher, MD, conducted 10 interviews with clinical and translational researchers at Harvard University and affiliated academic healthcare centers, with the purpose of capturing their experiences developing good research questions. Explore this resource to hear the researcher's stories and to access additional materials.

Funding Your Research: How to Obtain Foundation and Philanthropic Grants

This online course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the writing and application process for foundation and philanthropic grant funding. Apply by January 26.